Controlling your Smartblinds with voice control

More and more smart devices are being introduced to the market. These smart devices allow you to add more comfort and convenience to your home. Home automation that is becoming increasingly popular is electric window coverings. This smart window decoration offers various advantages, including operation by voice. Via self-programmed voice commands you easily control the position of the window coverings in your home. Ideal when your hands are full!


Controlling window blinds by voice provides optimal comfort and is of course super easy. The smart speaker from Apple, the HomePod (Mini), makes it possible to operate the Smartblinds window decoration by voice. Of course, this is also possible via the voice assistant Siri on your smartphone. Linking the electric window coverings to your smart home system is very easy, which means you don't have to be a techie to install this type of window covering.


Controlling smart window coverings is easy when you're at home, but you can also communicate your wishes through your phone. So you don't necessarily have to be home to lower or raise your blinds, shades or other window coverings. Via the home app on your phone you can easily and quickly control all the devices in your home.


Not always able to speak a voice command? Then you can always have your window blinds controlled automatically. Via daily schedules you simply set your smart blinds to go up automatically in the morning at 8 o'clock or when the sun comes up. Home late from a long day at work? No problem. Your window blinds have already gone down automatically when the sun went down. So there are countless other examples where you can control smart window coverings without doing a voice command at all.


Window decoration with voice control is perhaps something that many people see as an unnecessary luxury. However, it is a great step towards making your home smarter and creating a comfortable, sustainable and safe living environment. Check out the possibilities at!