How to choose the right window decoration transparency?

Every household is different. Hence, there are also different tastes and preferences when it comes to picking the transparency of your window coverings. For example, do you go for complete blackout or still a modest light transmission? How to find out which transparency suits you best is explained in this article!

Different transparencies

Most types of window decoration are available in three different types of transparency. You have darkening window decoration, translucent window decoration and transparent window decoration. So there is window decoration for everyone! But what fits best in your home or in the room you want to decorate with window decoration? Read the following paragraphs for all the information.

Black out window coverings

Black-out window decoration is often used in the bedroom, for example. The word says it all - the room is darkened. This is ideal for when you don't want to wake up in the morning to the light of the sun in your face. So you can enjoy your good night's sleep this way.

Light filtering window coverings

Translucent window decoration filters the light in your room. The daylight enters your room but not as bright as without window decoration. Translucent curtains are also ideal for privacy in your home. For example, this is ideal if you live on the street and don't want everyone to see in, but still want to benefit from daylight.

Sheer window coverings

If you want to decorate the windows but still want a view to the garden, for example, this is the perfect solution. For example, this can look very nice in the living room. It is a nice addition to your interior. It also provides extra atmosphere because the light is filtered.

Window decoration with multiple transparency possibilities

There are also window decorations with multiple transparency possibilities. With this type you can determine how much light you let through in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. This type of window decoration is available, for example, in the form of venetian blinds or duo blinds.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are available in many different designs. For example, wood, PVC or aluminum. The slats of a blind can be tilted to create the desired light incidence in a particular room. In this way you determine how much visibility there is in your home. This way you can adjust the privacy of your window at any time.

Day and night Roller Blinds

A day and night blind is also sometimes called a zebra blind. This name is due to the fact that a day and night blind consists of strips. You can compare them with slats. By sliding the strips over or under each other you can determine how much light you let into your room. You can also slide the strips over each other if you want more privacy in your home.