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Texture roller blind

Create a pleasant atmosphere in your home with our sheer Texture roller blind fabric!
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Our products are made to measure. Enter the desired width and height of your blind and we will take care of the rest. You don't have to take into account any margins, we will calculate them ourselves. Please note! Before you start measuring, pay attention to any obstacles such as door and/or window fittings that protrude, heating pipes or inward-turning doors and windows.

Want to know how to measure? Check out our measuring instructions!

  1. Option A: Determine dimensions for mounting inside the recess

    Measure the width at the top of the window recess and measure the height at the middle of the window recess. Please note! We supply the blind with a 3 mm reduction on both sides. So don't do any reductions yourself! Please also note a system height of 100 mm for possible obstacles such as doors and windows turning inwards.

  2. Please note that the width size given is the size of the system. The fabric is always narrower than the system, see this article for more information.

  3. Option B: Determine dimensions for mounting outside the recess

    Measure the width and height of the window recess, with a small overlap. We recommend an overlap of 5 cm on both sides. Add a total of 10 cm to the width measurement. To determine the height, add 10 cm (height of system) to the height of your window recess. Do you want your blind to continue downwards? Then decide how many extra centimetres you want in height.

You can choose to hang your blind inside the recess or outside the recess:

  1. Inside the recess
    If you hang the roller blind inside the recess, it is mounted between the walls of your window. With this choice, we therefore supply your blind with a 3 mm reduction on both sides.
  2. Outside the recess
    If you hang the blind outside the recess, it is mounted on the wall and hangs over the window with overlap on both sides.

Want to know more about how to measure? View our measurement instructions here

By choosing a motor side, you determine on which side you want to operate and charge your Smartblinds. If you choose the left side, the motor, pull-down controller and charging port are located on the left side of the product. Would you like this to be on the right-hand side? Then choose right.

Would you also like to be able to control your curtains with a remote control? Then add it to your order! With one remote control, you can operate up to 5 different curtains.

Here you can fill in a reference for your assembled blind. That way you will soon know exactly which product is for which window in your house!

When you are looking for window coverings, it is important to determine beforehand what transparency you want in certain rooms. In bedrooms, for example, more blackout is usual than in the living room. Smartblinds fabrics can be divided into three different transparencies:


Opacity: none - Light from outside is completely blocked and has no possibility to illuminate rooms.

Light filtering

Opacity: limited - Light from outside is obstructed, but not completely blocked.


Opacity: full - Light from outside finds its way in, but the fabric offers the desired privacy.

Your blinds should, of course, match your interior. The colour and look of fabrics and materials can sometimes differ from reality from a screen or due to differences in light transmission. We therefore always recommend requesting free fabric samples in advance, so you can assess the fabric (colour) in real life!

Our systems are available in two sizes, small and large. The small system is suitable for small to medium-sized roller blinds. For large sized blinds, only a large system is possible. Our advice is to start by putting together the roller blind for your largest window in the house. If it turns out that you can only choose a large system for this blind, we recommend doing the same for the rest of your Smartblinds. This way you avoid having multiple Smartblinds in your home with different systems. Is your largest product also suitable for a small system? Then choose the system size that you prefer.

Below you will find the system height of the various systems, so that you can take this into account when ordering. Are you mounting your product in the window, but do you have a window that opens inwards? Then you can use this to check whether you have enough room for this.

Be aware! The system sizes below are all sizes for motorised products. Do you want to view the system sizes of our chain operated Smartblinds? Click the link below.

Chain operated System sizes

Dimensions bracket system large:

Dimensions cassette system large:

For the roller system of your blind, Smartblinds offers you a choice of two different types:





The pictures you see above are of our motorised systems. The systems of our chain-operated products are the same but have different system dimensions!

Our systems are available in white, grey, anthracite and black.

Colour information:

  • White = RAL 9003
  • Grey = RAL 7004
  • Anthracite = RAL 7016
  • Black = RAL 9011
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Part of a safe and connected smart home ecosystem
Eve MotionBlinds
The electric roller blinds of Smartblinds are available with an Eve MotionBlinds motor with Apple HomeKit technology. This wireless motor makes it possible for our smart window coverings to optimally interact with Apple's smart home platform: Homekit. Smartblinds thus work directly with your HomeKit devices! Want to integrate your Smartblinds within another smart home platform, such as Google Home? Then our Wi-Fi bridge is required. Discover all the possibilities here.

How it works

Eve MotionBlinds motor
Do you choose smart home control options while putting together your smart roller blind? Then your Smartblinds roller blind will contain an Eve MotionBlinds motor and you will benefit from all the advantages and possibilities that smart home has to offer. For example, control with voice commands or based on sunrise and sunset. The advanced Eve MotionBlinds motor is designed to protect the user's privacy at every step. Data is not stored in a Cloud, but locally on the motor. The battery is located in the motor itself and is easy to charge via a USB-C cable.

Specifications & Product information

Collection: Texture
Material: 100% Recycled Polyester (PES)
Transparencies: Transparent
Features: High light translucency
Structure: Linnen structure, flexible fabric
Thickness: 0,35 mm
Noise: Our motors make noise when in motion. The noise level depends on several factors and therefore varies depending on the room, surface, system, etc.
Flameproof: No
Waterproof: No, possible water and dirt repellent coating required
Cleaning: Yes (damp cloth)
Sustainable (recycled): Yes
OekoTex quality mark: Yes
Packaging: An extra-long USB-C cable and an instruction manual are included with every order. Screws are not included, as every surface requires a different type of screw.
Warranty fabric & system: 2 years
Warranty motor: 5 years


The fabric of the Texture collection consists of 100% recycled material and has a linen look. As a result, the fabric may have an irregular structure. The Texture collection can be ordered in six different colours. The fabric is transparent, which means you will receive enough daylight in your home when your blinds are down. Cleaning is easy with a damp cloth or dry brush.


Smartblinds are easy to assemble and you install them in less than a minute! With the wireless motor, your Smartblinds do not need to be continuously connected to power. With normal use, you only need to recharge them once or twice a year with the included USB-C cable. Our products operate on the Thread network. The revolutionary and energy-efficient smart home protocol which allows our blinds to pair directly with Apple HomeKit. In combination with the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge, you link Smartblinds blinds to other best-known smart home platforms, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. A simple software update will follow in the future, making Smartblinds supported by Matter.

System sizes brackets large

System sizes cassette large

Measuring & Installation

Measuring and installing your Smartblinds is a piece of cake! View our measuring and installation instructions below. Would you like to receive personal advice? Use the chat or schedule a free consultation with one of our advisors!


Measuring instructions: (Day and night) roller blinds.pdf

Installation bracket system

Installationmanual: Roller blind brackets.pdf

Installation cassette system

Installationmanual: Roller blind cassette.pdf


A useful user manual is included with your order. You can view this manual online here. This manual tells you how to easily activate your blinds, change start and end positions if necessary and connect a remote control.

Look inside for inspiration

Did you accidentally make a measuring mistake and receive a non-fitting product? Don't panic! We will send you a new product free of charge. Read the terms and conditions here.