Bedroom window blinds

The bedroom is a space where everything must be perfect, even your window blinds. In the bedroom, besides style and appearance, the functionality of your window coverings is also key. In the bedroom, the need for blackout window blinds is greatest. In the bedroom, a feeling of good privacy should prevail, while good blackout on your windows is essential to enjoy your well-earned night's sleep. At Smartblinds, we are familiar with the requirements for quality window blinds for the bedroom. On this page, you will find all types of window blinds Smartblinds offers for your bedroom. Take a look around and delve into our offer!

The benefit of smart window blinds in the bedroom

Smartblinds is but than an ordinary roller blind. The Eve MotionBlinds motor installed in the inside of your Smartblinds is easily connected to your smart home and other smart devices in the home. Linking your Smartblinds to your smart home opens up a world of possibilities, including in the bedroom. For it makes it possible to set the way you wake up yourself. Do you prefer an irritating beeping alarm clock, or would you rather be woken up by natural light and sunbeams falling in. With smart window blinds in the bedroom, that second becomes very easy. Via your smart home app, you easily set when you want to be woken up. Your Smartblinds will open at that desired time.

bedroom window blinds

Benefits of Smartblinds in the bedroom

At Smartblinds, we 100% customise all window coverings for every room and every customer. That means that whatever window blind you choose for your bedroom will fit seamlessly with the edges of your window. This minimises the amount of light gaps that can hinder your sleep. Smartblinds' blackout window blinds also come with special coatings that block not only light but also penetrating heat. For more information on this, you can read about our heat reflective blinds. The perfect blacked out bedroom contributes to an unparalleled sense of privacy, which is highly desirable in the bedroom.

Colour choice of your bedroom window blinds

Most people prefer dark colours in the bedroom, which further obstruct the darkening of any light still entering. The advantage of Smartblinds' colour palette, is that they are all colours and shades that exude tranquillity. Tranquillity is an essential element that should actually be felt throughout the entire atmosphere of the bedroom. Do you have a bedroom where light colours predominate? Then it is no problem to choose a light-coloured roller blind as well. The blackout and reflective coating of the blinds is on the back of your blinds, so you don't have to compromise on style!

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