Japandi blinds

A fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian living styles, Japandi is a unique and great interior design concept. Japandi is a perfect blend of tranquillity, simplicity and functionality. This emerging trend draws inspiration from the minimalist style of the Scandinavian design tradition and the timeless elegance and simplicity of Japanese culture. Japandi aims to create a balanced atmosphere combining natural materials, clean lines and subtle colour palettes to form a calming living space.

The Japanese influence is reflected in the attention to detail, the use of organic textures and the emphasis on Zen elements such as low furniture, fusuma (sliding doors) and the art of wabi-sabi. On the other hand, the Scandinavian aspect adds warmth through wooden elements, light tones and functionality focused on practical use of the space. The result is a fusion of 2 cultures that bring a sense of calm and well-being into the home. But which window decoration goes well with the Japandi living style?

Japandi and window blinds

Window coverings such as roller blinds and pleated blinds play an important role in the Japandi living style. This style is all about creating a harmonious and calming living space by combining Japanese and Scandinavian elements. Window coverings help achieve this balance by combining functionality and aesthetics. In the Japandi style, window blinds are often chosen to be simple and clean, with a preference for natural materials and neutral colours.

Japandi blinds

Style of a Japandi interior

Japandi can be recognised by its minimalist design. The interiors, including the window blinds, are cleanly finished and look simple, without too many accessories. Preference is given to using lots of natural materials, such as cotton, wood and linen. By choosing Japandi blinds in this look, such as the sheer roller blinds with linen look.

In Japan it is customary to work with soft, light contrast colours instead of sharp and striking contrasts. This involves combining shades from the same colour family. So think of multiple shades of grey, choosing one shade as a window blind colour and the other as a wall colour.

Japandi interior

The colour palette of Japandi style

Japandi mainly focuses on using light colours and shades. Examples include white, beige and other neutral tones like grey or light grey that are also common in the normal Japanese interior style. By choosing your window blinds in the vein of these colours, you create a space that exudes unity. The light colours create a calm look and also make the room look bigger and more spacious.

Also, from the Scandinavian interior, some brown tones are added to the colour palette of Japandi. Light brown tones, when combined with light, add some depth and warmth to your interior.

Japandi window blinds

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