Smart home control with the Eve MotionBlinds motor

Window coverings fully customised to your needs. That's what we want at Smartblinds. That's why we give you 2 different options when configuring your roller blind when choosing the motor for your Smartblinds. Do you go for simple and settle for electric operation? Or do you go one step further and go for a smart Eve MotionBlinds motor that you can connect to your smart home platform? On this page, we explain to you what more the Eve MotionBlinds motor offers compared to the 'basic' variant, the MotionBlinds motor.

The Eve MotionBlinds motor in brief
The Eve MotionBlinds motor is like an 'upgrade' version of the basic variant, the MotionBlinds motor. The motor has a number of unique features. For instance, in addition to Bluetooth support, the motor also features Thread support. In short, Thread is a network that improves communication and connection between devices.

What makes the Eve MotionBlinds motor unique is its direct access and connection to Apple HomeKit. The motors are certified by Apple HomeKit, so when connecting your Smartblinds to Apple HomeKit, you don't need a bridge to set up the connection. By installing the Eve app for Matter & HomeKit, you can immediately start connecting your Smartblinds to Apple HomeKit.
MotionBlinds motor MotionBlinds motor
Control your Smartblinds with your voice
More and more households have an extra resident. The smart home assistant is being used in more and more households. You can also control your smart window coverings by using voice commands to control your smart assistant. With simple commands like 'Hey Siri, close all blinds in the living room and kitchen', you can already control your blinds very specifically. And all this while you can stay comfortably on the couch. Besides commands you make up on the spot, it is also possible to set scenes. You can put these into action based on a trigger.
Voice control Voice control
Set convenient and fun scenes
Scenes are preset automations that you can activate based on a trigger. In the next paragraph, we will trigger a scene/automation based on a temperature trigger, but in this paragraph we will cover how fun scenes can be. We'll give you a quick example of how you can trigger a cool scene with smart home lights and your Smartblinds.

With smart home, you can turn your entire living room into a home theatre with one trigger. In your Home app, create a scene. Add your Smartblinds and your smart lights, and decide what action they should perform at the trigger. Then set the trigger, for example the voice command: ''Hey Siri, grab the popcorn!''. Your smart assistant recognises the scene, and in the event, causes all the blinds to close and the lights to dim. All you have to do is provide drinks and snacks and you have a great movie night!
MotionBlinds Bluetooth app MotionBlinds Bluetooth app
Connect with other devices
Have you installed your Smartblinds and paired your Eve MotionBlinds motor with Apple HomeKit, or used the MotionBlinds Wi-Fi bridge to pair your Smartblinds with another smart home platform? Then you can now start getting your Smartblinds to work together with other devices. For example, you can pair your Smartblinds with a smart hub like the Apple HomePod Mini and an Eve Weather. This is a smart home weather station that lets you start various automations based on the weather. We explain it using an example:

It is summer. In the evening and at night, it has cooled down a bit and you have your smart blinds open to let it cool down and air a bit inside as well. In the morning, you wake up in a pleasant climate, but the outside temperature is already slowly rising again. You'd prefer to let your house air out for a while, but when you're at work you can't close the blinds at home yourself. By setting in your smart home app that when your weather station detects a temperature of 20 degrees, your Smartblinds will automatically go down. Your Eve Weather sends the signal to your HomePod Mini, which then sends the signal to your Smartblinds and activates them. That way, you avoid returning from work to a scorching hot house, saving you not only a lot of worry but also unnecessary air conditioning costs!
Connect with other devices Connect with other devices

The Eve MotionBlinds motor thus gives you the option to use all kinds of smart home features in addition to electric control via an app, remote control or a manual cord. Voice controls, scenes and automations open up a world of new possibilities that not only save you a lot of fun and time, but also money! Many scenes are used to save energy. For example, with heat-blinds from Smartblinds, you can save on your energy bills all year round. In short, the Eve MotionBlinds may be slightly more expensive, but it can also save you a lot of money!

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