Window covering living room inspiration

Almost everything changes. That's why it's time to give your living room a change too. Sometimes it is even necessary to give your living room a complete makeover. But where do you start? And how should it look like? You can find out by getting living room inspiration. This will give you ideas to give your living room a makeover. Did you know that just by replacing your window decoration you can create a completely new look & feel in your living room? On this page we will help you on your way!

Inspiration for your living room - which style suits you?

To find out what you want your living room to look like, you first have to find out what interior design style suits you. Nowadays there are many different types of interior styles the most common styles at the moment are:


The Scandinavian style is still very popular. This style is mainly characterized by soft contours, quiet colors and natural materials. Most Scandinavian interiors have a color palette with the colors white, gray, black and wood. Here the wooden blinds also fit well.

Mid-century modern

With mid-century you think of clean lines, minimalist silhouettes and natural shapes. But also the material aluminum fits well in this interior. So the aluminum blinds fit well with this style.


This style is mainly about rich patterns, colors and shapes. This style is carefree and adventurous. There is a lot of use of earthy and rich colors also you see a lot of textiles, wood and animal skins. You see in this style many Roman blinds and wooden blinds.

Country style

This style was formerly seen in old farms, now it is used in many different houses. The basic colors in this style are white, beige and natural tones. The most common materials are wood and coarsely woven linen. Also check out our article on country blinds.

Living room window decoration - inspiration for a completely new atmosphere

Most changes in your living room result in a new look. However, by changing your window decorations and playing with the incidence of light, you also play into the 'feel'. It is relatively easy to create a completely different atmosphere in your living room. When you talk about window decoration for the living room, there are many different types you can choose from. In this article we have explained the 5 most popular options for window decoration in the living room.

Roller Blinds

Many people choose electric roller blinds in their living room because they are very suitable. Roller blinds have a simple appearance and are easy to use. You determine the amount of light by raising or lowering the roller blinds. Roller blinds are also available in different sizes so there is a suitable roller blind for everyone! The fabrics of the roller blinds are also available in different colors and transparencies. With these fabric transparencies you determine how much light enters your living room. The transparent fabrics let a lot of light in, the translucent fabrics let less light in and the blackout fabrics darken the light completely. This fabric is often used in the bedroom, for example.

Venetian blinds

Most people think of venetian blinds when they talk about interior and blinds. This is also for a good reason. This option is very popular for the living room. Venetian blinds provide a modern and spacious look. The daylight and sunlight entering the living room is easily filtered through the horizontal slats. So you always create the desired amount of light. This form of window decoration is again available in different sizes and types of material. For example: Wood, aluminum and plastic. The wooden blinds are often chosen by people who are looking for a natural and warm look in their living room. They are good to combine with a country or modern living room. However, aluminum blinds are very sleek and timeless, they fit well with an industrial living room.

Honeycomb blinds

This type of blinds is currently a huge trend in the window decoration world. Each window in the living room is beautiful with a honeycomb blind. Honeycomb blinds are established in France and have their name from the word ''plissé'', which in French means pleated. A pleated blind therefore has a folded fabric. Pleated blinds are also available in two different types. A pleated curtain with two fabric layers is also called honeycomb fabric. This fabric also has an energy-saving and a sound-deadening effect. These are two huge advantages. For example, the pleated blinds with a double fabric are also ideal for large windows because the double fabric prevents cold drafts. You can also open honeycomb blinds from the top, allowing a lot of natural light in but also maintaining the desired privacy. Honeycomb blinds from Smartblinds are available in 3 different fabric transparencies, and will soon be available in the United Kingdom.

Day and night roller blinds

Day and night roller blinds are fairly new and upcoming roller blinds. Day and night blinds are also known as zebra blinds. These blinds are often chosen for living room because you can combine atmosphere and functionality. The fabric of day and night blinds consists of transparent and closed strips. Because two fabrics move along each other you can open or close a day and night blind. You can also raise the day and night blind completely. This allows you to determine the desired light or privacy.

Window decoration tips for a living room with enormous comfort

If you are looking for a living room with enormous comfort then smart window decoration might be for you. With smart window coverings, you don't have to follow almost anything anymore. Smart window decoration can be controlled with your phone, with your voice but also automatically and through time schedules. Are you curious about all the advantages and possibilities of smart window decoration? Then take a look at our site. Our offer consists of smart blinds and duo blinds.

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