Black blinds for windows

Black is one of the most popular colours in the interior world. In almost every house, the colour black can be found in the interior. Whether it's furniture, accessories or black walls, this particular colour can be seen everywhere. Black window blinds are also common in different interior styles. That is why at Smartblinds, we offer black window blinds in many different shades and fabrics. All of this of course with our standard electric motor with smart home function.

The power of black blinds for windows

Black blinds give your interior a boost. The deep, dark colour provides a great deal of contrast and quickly attracts attention. Black is generally seen as a hard, robust colour. However, the colour black in shades and blinds can also give a very warm and cosy feeling. By combining black blinds with light shades on the walls and in the interior, combined with enough natural light, black window blinds give your living room, bedroom or kitchen an extra warm look. Black window blinds are also often used in the minimalist interior style. This style often makes use of neutral colours, such as black and white. Therefore black blinds for windows are very appropriate in this style. Also in other interior styles such as modern, industrial and country style black window shades come into sharpest focus.

Black window blinds
Black window blinds in your interior

It is often nice if the colour of your curtains is reflected in the rest of the interior. For example, chairs, a table or another piece of furniture in the same colour, or perhaps a work of art on the wall or a rug. If you have black window coverings in your living room, it is nice to combine them with a nice black rug or anthracite/black sofa. By doing so, you create unity in your interior. It is also possible to combine black window coverings with the use of other colours of window decoration. For example, go for a black roller blind, and combine this with a colourful hanging curtain that can be hung over it. There are many different kinds of black window coverings. We list the options for you for clarity:

black window blinds
Black roller blinds

Black roller blinds are the perfect choice for a room like the bedroom, for example. The black color provides optimal blackout, which in turn contributes to a better night's sleep. But also in other rooms black roller blinds are perfect to combine with the rest of your interior. A black roller blind will not look out of place in a room with a lot of white or other light colors. These big differences in color create a lot of contrast in your interior, which in turn makes your black roller blinds stand out more. Smartblinds offers both obscuring black roller blinds and light filtering black roller blinds.

black roller blinds
Black and white roller blinds

Black and white roller blinds are often called day and night blinds. The reason behind this is the fact that black and white blinds consist of 2 horizontal fabric strips that alternate. One is blackout, the other is transparent and therefore lets light through. During the day, you can open the transparent stripes, creating a kind of white/transparent blind. When it gets dark in the evening, you can close the blackout fabric strips. This creates a kind of black, black-out roller blind. So a black and white roller blind is like a blackout and translucent roller blind in one!

black and white roller blinds
Black venetian blinds

Black venetian blinds are the most popular color of venetian blinds. Venetian blinds are often used as rural or industrial window blinds, because of the tough and robust look that venetian blinds have by themselves. Black venetian blinds will give your living room or kitchen that extra spice. How much more spice, you decide for yourself at Smartblinds. You can choose between black wooden venetian blinds and black bamboo venetian blinds. Our black bamboo blinds have more structure on the slats, making them look a bit coarser and robust. Do you prefer a sleek and smooth look? Our black wooden venetian blinds have a smooth slat, which is perfect for a modern interior! By requesting free samples, you can preview the slats of your venetian blind at home before ordering, so you can be sure of the right choice!

Black venetian blinds
Black pleated blinds

Black pleated blinds are actually the most accessible type of black window decoration. In fact, black pleated blinds fit perfectly in any room. A black black pleated blind arranges perfectly in the bedroom, and a light filtering black pleated blind again fits perfectly in a living room or kitchen. The great thing about pleated blinds is that they fit any living style, so whether you have a country interior, or yet have an industrial, scandinavian or modern interior, a black pleated blind will pay off in all of these styles. At the moment, we do not have any black pleated blinds in our collection at Smartblinds, but they are coming as soon as possible!

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Black blinds for windows with smart home functions

The black window blinds of Smartblinds are of course equipped with the Eve Motionblinds motor. This allows you to operate your blinds via your smartphone and voice control by using your smart home assistant or smart home app. It is also possible to use the Apple HomeKit App to set timers and scenes that make your black window blinds move by itself. This way, you don't have to pay attention to your window blinds anymore, because the curtains do the work themselves. Want to know how Smartblinds works with other smart home platforms? Discover the compatibility of Smartblinds with other smart home platforms!

Black blinds

Order black window coverings

Before you finally decide to order your black window coverings, you can always make sure you have made the right choice. By requesting free fabric samples, you can view and assess the fabrics at home first and then order your black roller blinds in your favourite fabric.

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