White electric roller blinds with smart motor

White stands for purity, simplicity and timeless elegance, and our white electric roller blinds are no exception. Whether you have a modern, minimalist interior or want to create a classic look, our high-quality white smart roller blinds offer the perfect solution. They combine functionality with a sophisticated look and fit seamlessly into any room. Explore our range and enrich your interior with the brightness and style of our white roller blinds.

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White roller blinds from Smartblinds

Our collection of electric white roller blinds offers unprecedented convenience. At the touch of a button or via your smartphone, you effortlessly control the light, privacy and atmosphere in your home, without the hassle of cords. There are several advantages to using electric window coverings. For instance, white roller blinds (blackout) contribute a lot to saving energy by forming a heat-wicking layer between indoor and outdoor air. In addition, an electric white roller blind increases safety. Not only because loops of pull cords are a thing of the past, but also because the blinds can move on timers and triggers, creating a lived-in look. Besides all the functional benefits of electric operation in particular, there are also a lot of advantages to choosing a roller blind in the colour white.

Why choose white roller blinds?

A white roller blind from Smartblinds brings not only functional benefits, but also many style advantages. White is a very versatile colour that can be found in many different interior styles. The rustic look of white can make your interior look sleek and modern, but would also look perfect in other interior styles, such as Scandinavian style or Japanese-inspired interiors. Not surprisingly, white window coverings are one of the most popular colours. As with other colours, white roller blinds come in different shades of white. Apart from the normal white roller blind, we also have the so-called 'Off-White' colour. This is a shade of white that looks somewhat 'broken'. In other words, it is not perfectly white, but a slightly softer white. You can best judge which white roller blind best suits your interior by ordering free fabric samples prior to ordering.

White has its benefits

The colour white has an advantage over other colours and shades. White reflects a large part of light, while other colours such as grey, brown and black absorb light and thus heat. So in warm periods and seasons, especially a white blackout roller blind reduces the heat from outside. This is also the reason why roller blinds and other window coverings often have a white reverse side. Want to maximise energy savings? Then go for a white blackout roller blind with a white reverse side, such as the Essential collection. These are the blinds with the best insulation values.

Tailor-made white roller blinds

Tailoring is of course extremely important for window decoration. Cracks and light gaps under and along your fabric is the last thing you want. That's why at Smartblinds we make sure your white roller blind is 100% made to measure. All you have to do is tell us the dimensions of your window, and we will make sure the white blind can be fitted perfectly in or on your window!

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