Grey electric roller blinds with smart motor

Grey stands for timeless neutrality and versatility, and our grey blinds are no exception. Whether you have a contemporary modern interior or want to achieve a more traditional look, our high-quality electric grey blinds offer the perfect solution. Combining functionality with subtle style, they fit effortlessly into any room. Explore our range and add the quiet elegance of our grey smart blinds to your interior.

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Grey roller blinds from Smartblinds

Grey roller blinds are very popular. Grey creates neutrality and calmness in a room, giving an interior a peaceful and calm look. The versatility and variation in different shades of grey, including in the range of grey roller blinds, makes it possible to incorporate grey into your interior in many different ways.

Why choose a grey blind?

Grey blinds and the colour grey in general are used in many interior styles to balance, or neutralise, space. Especially in rooms with several warm and cool colours, a grey blind can enhance the balance between these colours, keeping the harmony of the room intact. Grey is also often seen as a background colour. Therefore, a grey blind can also enhance the accents of accessories in the windowsill, as grey as a background colour emphasises the accessory.

Different shades of grey

Grey comes in different varieties. Some shades of grey are light, while others are slightly darker. Because there are so many different shades of grey, it is important that you choose the right colour to match the interior of your home or office. By ordering free fabric samples before ordering your grey blind, you can evaluate the fabrics and colours at home. With the samples delivered to your home, you can make a good decision about which grey blind best suits you and your interior. Note! Don't use too many dark shades such as black, grey and other dark colours. This can make a room look gloomy. If you already use a lot of dark colours. Go for light grey roller blinds!

An anthracite roller blind

Anthracite roller blinds deserve a separate paragraph. Anthracite is by far the most popular colour grey in the interior and home world. This colour grey is widely chosen for walls, window frames and thus also as a colour for a roller blind. Anthracite is a very dark shade of grey, leaning almost towards a light shade of black. With anthracite roller blinds, you will be fine for at least the next few decades and maybe even longer. Anthracite is a very timeless colour that has been in fashion for a long time and will not go out of fashion in the near future. Anthracite's dark colour can also help to enhance the blackout of a room, such as in the bedroom.

Smartblinds' electric grey roller blinds

Smartblinds' electric grey roller blinds bring unprecedented comfort. With a simple touch or via your smartphone, you adjust the light, privacy and atmosphere in your home, without the hassle of cords. They contribute to energy savings as they automatically adjust to daylight, resulting in lower energy costs. Safety is also an asset, as they eliminate cord hazards and can open and close at programmed times for a lived-in impression. Moreover, grey smart roller blinds add a touch of style and modernity to your interiors. In short, they offer ultimate convenience, efficiency, safety and elegance, making your home smarter and more comfortable. Opt for the perfect fusion of technology and home comfort with electric roller blinds.

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